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For a small company, it has a small market. For EAGLE, it needs to buy hardware and software of the high cost. For an EDA professional or hobbyist, it has a powerful and intuitive interface. For an large company, it has a cost-efficient cost. For a hardware engineer, it has an easy and fast learning curve. For a software engineer, it has a powerful graphic rendering. For a beginner of PCB design, it has a simple and easy learning curve. For a designer of a PCB design, it has a powerful graphic rendering. For a production factory, it has a small cost. For a PCB manufacturer, it has a simple installation process and a graphic design process. For an electronic engineer, it has a short learning curve. For a PCB manufacturer, it has a large scale. For a chip manufacturer, it has a strong ability to design a package structure. EAGLE3 As for EAGLE3, it can be used on a Windows 10 platform. It is a release of 2015 in the United States. EAGLE3 uses. In fact, it can be downloaded in. However, the EAGLE version is not as good as the EAGLE. It provides a 3D version of Eagle as well as a 2D version of Eagle. The basic requirements of EAGLE3 are as follows: 1. A PC of Windows 10. 2. CUDA. 3. Four units of 2GB or more RAM. 4. A USB key or a USB 3.0-compatible SSD or a hard disk drive that can transfer more than 10 MB/s. 5. Python 2.7 or later. 6. An audio card with high quality. 7. A 512M hard disk. 8. A 2.4G WLAN. 9. An audio card or a USB hub. 10. A CPU of at least 1.5 GHz and a video card with a DirectX 10 supporting the 2.0 and later version. Main features As for EAGLE3, the most important features of it are as follows: 1. It has a powerful graphic rendering of three times faster than



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